Top 10 Movies of Prithviraj Kapoor

Top 10 Movies of Prithviraj Kapoor

Prithviraj Kapoor was an Indian actor who pioneered theatre and films in India. He started his career with silent films and later moved to lead role and founded IPTA and Prithvi Theatre. He was the patriarch of the Kapoor family of Hindi films. Recipient of Padma Vibhushan and Dadasaheb Phalke Award he was known for his versatile acting in both films and theatre. His top 10 movies are-

  1. SIKANDAR (1941)

An epic film, it depicts the story of Alexander the Great as he conquers valley of Persia and Kabul and approaches India on the borders of Jhelum. Porus, the Indian king is defeated by Alexander and imprisoned which forms the plot of the story. Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of Alexander.

  1. MUGHAL-E-AZAM (1960)

An epic historical drama film, depicts the story of the love affair of Mughal prince Salim and Anarkali, a court dancer. Salim’s father, Emperor Akbar, disapproves of the relationship, which leads to a war between father and son. Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of Akbar in the movie.

  1. KAL AAJ AUR KAL (1971)

It deals with the issue of the generation gap in the family of Diwan Bahadur Kapoor. Ram Bahadur Kapoor, son of Diwan Bahadur has arranged his son Rajesh’s marriage with a friend’s daughter but Rajesh loves Monica which lead to a dispute in the family. Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of grandfather Diwan Bahadur Kapoor.

  1. DAHEJ (1952)

Thakur arranges his daughter Chanda’s marriage with Suraj, son of advocate Biharilal. Thakur is poor despite having ancestral property. Chanda is berated by her mother-in-law after Biharilal dies just after Chanda’s homecoming. Thakur decides to sell his property to arrange for the big dowry. Thakur is played by Prithviraj Kapoor.

  1. GAZAL (1964)

Film deals with the love of Ejaz and Naaz, daughter of Nawab Bakar Ali Khan who is against this relationship. Naaz takes the help of her sister Kausar to marry Ejaz who is an editor of Inquilab. Prithviraj in the role of Nawab Bakar Ali Khan gained much appreciation.

  1. HEER RAANJHA (1970)

The film is based on the legend of Heer Ranjha, the epic poem Heer by Punjabi poet, Waris Shah, written in 1976. The film was unique as this was the first film in India which have dialogues written in verse. Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of King.

  1. AWAARA (1951)

Awaara tells the story of Raj Raghunath who is a petty criminal going in and out of jail and later his life gets entangled with Rita, his love from school life. Influenced by Rita, Raj tries to reform his ways. Judge Raghunath is the father of Raj but he has abandoned him and his mother due to the doubt that Raj is her illegitimate child. Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of Judge Raghunath.

  1. MANZIL (1936)

It is the story of Mahim, Achala, and Suresh. Suresh loves Achala, but Achala marries Mahim and later when Mahim falls ill and Suresh comes to look after him, she elopes with Suresh. Suresh is played by Prithviraj Kapoor.

  1. VIDYAPATI (1937)

King Shiva Singha invites the poet Vidyapati to his court. Queen Lakshmi falls in love with Vidyapati which angers King Shiva Singha and he turns to Anuradha, companion of Vidyapati. King Shiva Singh is played by Prithviraj Kapoor.

  1. RAJRANI MEERA (1933)

Meera is married to the king of Mewar, Rana Kumbha but her devotional songs are thought to be love songs for some person due to which she gets berated by the household. Meera abandons her house life and wanders from place to place. Prithviraj Kapoor played the role of Rana Kumbha.

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