Top 10 Movies of R. Madhavan

Top 10 Movies of R. Madhavan

R Madhavan is an Indian actor who works in Tamil and Hindi language films mainly. He started his career with television roles and later gained critical and commercial acclaim by appearing in movies of Mani Ratnam and gained entry in the Hindi film industry starting with Gautam Menon’s Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein. He was won the national championship in public speaking. His top 10 movies are-

  1. TANU WEDS MANU (2011)

Tanu Weds Manu starred R Madhavan in the role of simple Manoj “Manu” Sharma who falls in love with eccentric Tanuja “Tanu” Trivedi but gets rejected by her due to her affair with Raja. During a meetup in a common friend’s wedding, the love between the two rekindles and this leads to funny and emotional situations for both.

  1. 3 IDIOTS (2009)

Madhavan got international acclaim by playing the role of Farhan Qureshi, one of the idiots; who is in love with wildlife photography but couldn’t do so due to his father’s pressure. His friend Rancho motivates him to follow the path that his heart desires. The film was a national and international success.

  1. GURU (2007)

Guru is somewhat inspired by the life story of Indian business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani and starred Abhishek Bachchan in the titular role. Madhavan left a considerable mark as an actor in his role as a news reporter of the newspaper “Swatantra” run by Manik “Nanaji” Dasgupta who is against the corrupt ways of Guru.

  1. RANG DE BASANTI (2006)

Directed by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, the film depicts the state of corruption and struggle of youth with the politics of the nation. R Madhavan played the role of Flight Lieutenant Ajay Rathod who is killed in an accident which is due to poor quality of engine used in fighter jets issued by the government. His friends decide to avenge his death.


Sequel to Tanu Weds Manu, Madhavan again reprised his role as Manu who is now trying to find another wife by the looks of Tanu and is trying to get divorced from Manu due to her eccentric nature. How the two of them get together forms the plot of the movie.

  1. SAALA KHADOOS (2016)

A talented yet failed boxer Adi Tomar decides to train sister of a friend for the championship of boxing but in doing so first he becomes irritated with her but later falls in love with her. Madhavan played the role of Adi and won critical and commercial acclaim.

  1. 13B: FEAR HAS A NEW ADDRESS (2009)

A one of a kind horror movie, 13B tells the story of a family newly shifted in a flat numbered 13B where they get in touch with supernatural powers who have agenda of their own. It is now up to Manohar, the younger son of the family to prevent these happenings. Madhavan played the role of Manohar.

  1. MUMBAI MERI JAAN (2008)

Mumbai Meri Jaan deals with the life of 5 people who are affected by the 2006 Mumbai Train Bombings. Madhavan played the role of Nikhil who survived the train bombing but developed a stress disorder due to the event and he is now afraid of trains.


Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein tells the love story of Maddy and Reena where Maddy imposes the role of the fiancée of Reena i.e. Sam. But when Reena finds out she decides to throw Maddy out of her life. What happens then forms the rest of the story. Madhavan played the role of Maddy.

  1. TAAK JHAANK (2013)

Directed by Rituparno Ghosh, it starred R. Madhavan in the role of Sanjay who is having an unhappy married life with his wife Chitra. With the arrival of a unique spectacle, their life turns upside down, which forms the plot of the film.

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