Top 10 Movies of Raaj Kumar

Top 10 Movies of Raaj Kumar

Raaj Kumar was an Indian actor who worked in Hindi films and known for his distinctive dialogue delivery style. Before joining the film industry he was a sub-inspector in the Mumbai Police department. He gained prominence as an actor after appearing in Oscar-nominated film Mother India. His top 10 movies are-

  1. MOTHER INDIA (1957)

Mother India is the story of Radha and how she comes to be considered the ‘Mother’ of the village after a life of hard battle with social customs and life’s struggles. Raaj Kumar played the role of Shamu, Radha’s husband whose hands are crushed while lifting heavy stones and later he dies leaving Radha and his two sons alone.

  1. HEER RANJHA (1970)

The film is unique as it has all dialogues in verse and written by Kaifi Azmi. The film depicts the epic love story of Heer and Ranjha written by Punjabi poet Waris Shah. Raaj Kumar played the role of Ranjha in the film.

  1. TIRANGA (1993)

Tiranga was a blockbuster hit and still considered one of the best films on patriotism. The film depicts the story of Brigadier Suraydev Singh and inspector Shivajirao Waghle as they try to save the eye witness of a murder of an inspector with the backdrop of the upcoming nuclear invasion. Raaj Kumar played the role of Suryadev Singh.

  1. PAKEEZAH (1972)

Pakeezah tells the story of a courtesan Nargis aka Sahibjaan and her struggle to be loved, respected, and accepted by the society. In her life, she meets various meets include one Salim Ahmed Khan whom she loves and they decide to get married but due to some reasons they can’t. Salim Ahmed Khan is played by Raaj Kumar.

  1. SAUDAGAR (1991)

Saudagar is the tale of two friends turned enemies, Rajeshwar Singh and Veer Singh. Living in their own territories they are enemies now. Old things are remembered when their next-generation fall in love with each other. Raaj Kumar played the role of Rajeshwar Singh.

  1. HAMRAAZ (1967)

Hamraaz is the tale of Kumar who is trying to find the killer of his wife Meena. There are various suspects and at the same time, he suspects that his wife was having an affair outside of their marriage. Raaj Kumar played the role of captain Rajesh who was Meena’s first husband.

  1. WAQT (1965)

Waqt is the story of a family and how they are separated due to an earthquake and all 3 brothers get separated and later reunites when grown-ups due to various circumstances. Raaj Kumar played the role of Raja, a thief.

  1. LAL PATTHAR (1971)

Raja Kumar Bahadur known as Gyan Shankar Raj is an abstemious man who is a drunkard and marries a lower-class younger woman to satisfy his needs. When he finds out that his wife had a lover who is still in relation to her, he plans their downfall. Raaj Kumar played the role of Raja Kumar Bahadur.

  1. KUDRAT (1981)

Kudrat is the tale of reincarnation of two lovers who must pass all the barriers to meet again. Their enemy Janak Singh is still alive and now returned Mohan is the person whom Janak killed in past life. How they meet and destroy Janak forms the plot of the film. Raaj Kumar played the role of Janak Singh.

  1. DIL EK MANDIR (1963)

Dil Ek Mandir is the story of Dharmesh, Sita, and Ram. Ram is diagnosed with cancer and his wife admits him into a hospital where he is treated by Dr. Dharmesh, who is the former lover of Sita. Raaj Kumar played the role of dying Ram.

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