Top 10 Movies of Rahul Roy

Top 10 Movies of Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy is an Indian actor who works prominently in Hindi films. He won critical and commercial acclaim from his first movie Aashiqui produced by Mahesh Bhatt and later appeared in many romantic films. Most recently he was in the show, Big Boss. His top 10 movies are-

  1. AASHIQUI (1990)

Aashiqui is the tale of love between Rahul and Anu. Rahul is angry at his father for marrying another woman while still in marriage with his mother. He falls in love with Anu and saves her from her foster parents. Later when Anu reaches the heights of her career as a model, Rahul gets jealous of her and they drift apart. The film was a blockbuster hit, especially for its songs. Rahul Roy played the role of Rahul.

  1. SAPNE SAJAN KE (1992)

Deepak and Jyoti fall in love with Jyoti’s mother want Jyoti to marry the son of a wealthy man, Gulu. Jyoti marries Deepak but later finds out that Deepak is not that much rich as he was pretending to be. Deepak is played by Rahul Roy.


Rahul is an alcoholic movie director who finds himself in a rehabilitation center and there he meets schizophrenic Pooja. They become friends and fall in love but one day the mental institution gets burned up and Pooja dies. Rahul later meets another girl named Seema who looks just like Pooja. Rahul played the role of Rahul.

  1. MAJHDHAAR (1996)

The movie is the tale of three childhood friends Gopal, Radha, and Krishna. Krishna and Radha are in love with each other and Radha gets pregnant with the child of Krishna. Gopal also loves Radha and returns to get her love and due to various circumstances marry her. Radha out of guilt leaves her daughter and Gopal. Rahul Roy played the role of Krishna.


Rahul and Vijay become friends, after both of them save each other getting framed in the murder case. Problems arise when they found out that they are in love with the same girl, Anjali. Rahul decides to sacrifice his love, while Vijay has something else in his mind. Rahul played the role of Rahul.

  1. JUNOON (1992)

Vikram gets attacked by a cursed tiger due to which at nights he turns into a tiger. When he tries to kill Neeta, Neeta’s boyfriend Ravi tries to save them. Rahul Roy played the role of Vikram, who goes on a hunting trip.

  1. JAANAM (1992)

Amar is the son of a poor family and falls in love with Anjali, daughter of wealthy Dhanraj who wants to take possession of the village in which Amar lives. Dhanraj is against this relation. What happens then forms the plot of the film. Rahul Roy played the role of Amar.

  1. NASEEB (1997)

Krishna Prasad is a wealthy man who is still in love with his former lover Pooja. Pooja is now married to Deepak, who works in the company of Krishna Prasad. When Krishna encounters Pooja again he tries to woo her. Rahul Roy played the role of Deepak.

  1. BHOOKAMP (1993)

Bhookamp tells the story of Professor Ajay Saxena who decides to take law into his own hands so that he can bring criminals to justice. Inspector Rahul Singh, a student of Ajay decides to prevent him from doing so. Rahul Roy played the role of inspector Rahul Singh.

  1. PHIR KABHI (2009)

Hari Singh is an old man who has a granddaughter and grandsons now. He meets his schoolmate and childhood love Ganga  and the love between the two rekindles. What happens when their families find out forms the plot of the film.

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