Top 10 Movies of Rajat Kapoor

Top 10 Movies of Rajat Kapoor

Rajat Kapoor is an Indian actor, director, and scriptwriter who works prominently in Hindi films. His films have won critical acclaim at national and international film festivals and he is most active in parallel cinema. He is also a playwright and stage director. His top 10 movies are-


Monsoon Wedding is set during a Punjabi wedding in Delhi. Lalit Verma is arranging for his daughter’s marriage where various problems arise. In the backdrop, the respected relative of Lalit, Tej Puri is found out to be a child molester when Riya niece of Lalit accuses Tej of molesting her in childhood. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Tej Puri.

  1. BHEJA FRY (2007)

Ranjeet Thandani is a music producer who invites Bharat Bhushan, a self-promoting singer to his house for dinner as Bharat is suggested by a common friend. How Bharat unravels various problems in the life of Ranjeet forms the plot of the film. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Ranjeet Thandani.

  1. ANKHO DEKHI (2014)

A simple tale of a middle-aged man who decides that he will not believe anything until and unless he has seen it with his own eyes. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Rishi, younger brother of Bauji, who leaves the family house to live in his own house.

  1. KAPOOR & SONS (2016)

This is the story of the Kapoor family and the various internal problems they face. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Harsh Kapoor who is married to Sunita and his father of two boys Arjun and Rahul. Sunita is angry at Harsh for his extramarital affair which later affects their life.

  1. PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA (2010)

Om comes to India to sell his ancestral home to pay his dept in America. One gangster kidnaps him thinking that he is rich but later they try to fool another gangster to get the money. What happens then forms the story. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Om.


Siddharth Roy writes a new manuscript in hope that this will restore his reputation and reconcile him with his estranged wife as he has been just released from jail. The problem arises when in a café his briefcase containing a manuscript gets exchanged with a suitcase full of money. Siddharth Roy is played by Rajat Kapoor.

  1. MIXED DOUBLES (2006)

Mixed Doubles is based on the topic of swinging and starred Rajat Kapoor in the role of Sunil Arora who wants to try swinging. He tries to find a suitable partner along with his wife Malti. What happens then forms the story.

  1. KHAYAL GATHA (1989)

Rajat Kapoor played the various key figures throughout the history of classical music especially in the Khayal form of classical Indian singing. It was his debut movie.

  1. DRISHYAM (2015)

Drishyam is the tale of Vijay Salgaonkar who tries to save his family from the murder of Sam, son of Inspector General Meera and Mahesh Deshmukh. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Mahesh Deshmukh.

  1. VIA DARJEELING (2008)

Via Darjeeling is the story of Ankur and Rimli. Ankur disappears suddenly and policeman Robin Dutt tries to find him. Later he tells the story to his friends, each one of them interprets the story in their own manner. Rajat Kapoor played the role of Ronodeep Sen.

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