Top 10 Movies of Rakesh Roshan

Top 10 Movies of Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan is an Indian actor, director, producer, scriptwriter, editor, and music director who is active in Bollywood from the 1970s. His son Hritik Roshan is a Bollywood Superstar. Known for his films like Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish, Rakesh Roshan is an FTII Graduate. His top 10 films are-


It tells the story of Shankarnath who earns less money and is not able to meet the demands of her three children. He decides to let the eldest run the family in his income to show his point of view. Things go wrong when the children are not able to run their family properly.

  1. PARAYA DHAN (1971)

Rajjoo lives in a small village with her father Govindram. The peace of their life is broken, when a notorious criminal Hiralal breaks out of prison and comes to their village.

  1. KHUBSOORAT (1980)

Nirmala Gupta is the head of the family who is considered a dictator in her house. When her son’s sister-in-law comes to live the things start to change. The youngest son starts getting close to her and she is not fearful of Nirmala.

  1. KAAMCHOR (1982)

Suraj is a slacker and doesn’t want to do anything. He woos Geeta whose father is rich and they marry. Suraj thinks that he will live in Geeta’s house but Geeta wants to get away from her family which creates problems in their life.


Kulwant Rai passes away and his business is handled by his son Rakesh and Naresh. Naresh is a gambler and later due to his doings, Rakesh leaves their life and gets away to Himachal. There he gets involved in tribal affairs.

  1. NAFRAT (1973)

Inspector Kumar finds out about his wife’s affair and asks them both to leave. He raises his son alone. Prakash, now grown-up gets involved with a gangster Mohan, who is later revealed to be the same person with whom his mother was having affair.


Wealthy Deepak comes to a village and falls in love with Tara. He impregnates her and leaves her. Tara then goes to the city with her child to look for him but Deepak denies to have anything with her. Their Son then grows up abandoned in a taxi.

  1. HAMARI BAHU ALKA (1982)

Pratap is ordered by his father to marry the village girl Alka. After marriage, Alka and Pratap get married but could not spend alone time due to his father’s nagging about his exam. They plan to get away from the family for one day but things go haywire.


A rich and wealthy couple, Shankar and Parvati decided to go to each household and make things right in their lives. In doing so they come across various families with various problems.

  1. KHATTA MEETHA (1978)

Homi is a widower and to take care of his children he decides to marry. He meets Nargis who is also a widow with children of her own. The things go haywire when both their families get to know about their affair.

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