Top 10 Movies of Ram Kapoor

Top 10 Movies of Ram Kapoor

Ram Kapoor is an Indian television and film actor. He gained popularity by playing Jai Walia in television series Kasamh Se and character of Ram Kapoor in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. He has won ITA awards and Indian Telly Awards for the best actor. His top 10 movies are-

  1. MERE DAD KI MARUTI (2013)

Sameer Khullar is a young man who is very fearful of his father Tej Khullar. During the events of his sister’s marriage, he loses the car to be given to the groom and then terrified of his father he tries to get a new car.

  1. UDAAN (2010)

Rohan comes to live with his widowed father who is ruthless and physically abusive to his children. Rohan becomes fond of his half brother. When Rohan’s father tries to marry again Rohan has differences with him and this leads to various troublesome situations.


Karthik Narayan is an introvert who is low on confidence and feels entrapped in his life. One day he purchases a phone and mysterious calls from a person named Karthik changes his life and him also.


Lalit Verma is busy managing his daughter’s marriage. Various guests start to arrive at their house. Various secrets are revealed while all are gathered which creates some stressful events in everyone’s lives.


The film is the tale of three friends named Siddharth, Geeta and Vikram. Years later they are working in different zones but come together for a moment. Siddharth is now a revolutionary, Vikram is a fixer in power corridors of Government and Geeta is married to an IAS officer.

  1. EK MAIN AUR EKK TU (2012)

Rahul Kapoor loses his job in Vegas and due to stress comes to a psychiatrist where he meets Riana. Riana believes that Rahul is sent by her ex-boyfriend to stalk her. This creates the plot of the film as they go on adventures together.

  1. AGENT VINOD (2012)

Agent Vinod is a RAW Agent and he is given a task to locate the location of a bomb to be planted in India. He comes across various people who may kill him instantly but he must be a good agent.


Abhimanyu, Shanaya, and Rohan become friends in college. But when a competition for the trophy of Student of the Year is announced,  their friendship gets on the stakes. Also, Shanaya becomes involved with Abhimanyu after breaking up with Rohan.

  1. MAI (2013)

Mai is a widowed mother of four. Each one of her children abandons her except for her elder daughter Madhu who decides to bring Mai to her house of which her husband denies but later becomes fond of Mai.

  1. LAKSHMI (2014)

Lakshmi is kidnapped by Chinna and later raped by him. After raping her Chinna admits her to a brothel where her life goes on. How she manages to get out of that world forms the plot of the film.

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