Top 10 Movies of Satabdi Roy

Top 10 Movies of Satabdi Roy

Satabdi Roy is an Indian actress and politician who works prominently in Bengali language films. She started working in the 1980s and later joined politics. Recipient of numerous awards like BFJA and Kalakar Awards she is known for her versatility of roles. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. DEBIPAKSHA (2004)

Debipaksha deals with the life of three daughters of Anandamohan, a priest. He has named all his daughters by the name of Goddess Durga. Each one of them is facing a problem in their life and they have to use their faith and inner strength to battle the adversity.  Satabdi Roy played the role of Rebati, the elder daughter.

  1. ATANKA (1986)

A schoolmaster witnesses a murder committed by his ex-student. The students restrict him from reporting the matter to the cops. Fed up, the schoolmaster gathers courage and puts them behind bars. Satabdi Roy won the BFJA award for her performance.

  1. GURU DAKSHINA (1987)

Jayanta comes to the city and gains much acclaim due to his singing voice and falls in love with Rupa, the daughter of a rich and corrupt man. This leads him into trouble. How he overcomes them forms the plot of the film.

  1. LATHI (1996)

AtindranathBannerjee starts using his lathi to beat the bad people and reforming them. But when he is not able to reform his own family he starts to live in slums. But there also he leads himself in problems. Satabadi Roy played the role of Lipi.

  1. SANSAR SANGRAM (1995)

After his father dies, Anand at a young age is forced to quit his studies and earn a living for his family. However, his journey is filled with numerous hurdles. Satabdi Roy won the Kalakar Award for her performance.


Rani, a little girl, escapes her evil uncle when he tries to kill her family. Later, she meets Joy and Sundari who help her avenge her parents’ death but she is shocked when she sees her lookalike. Satabdi Roy won another Kalakar Award for her performance.

  1. PRAJAPATI (1993)

Sukhen, a young man lives a casual life. He is innocent but neglected by his family. Sukhen loves Shikha and wants to live a normal and healthy life but his brothers are corrupt as well as politically powerful, who tries to use unemployed Sukhen for their political mileage.

  1. PHIRIYE DAO (1994)

Arjun witnesses the murder of his photographer father and mother by the hands of some killers. He decides to train in martial arts to take revenge. How he comes to do so forms the plot of the film. Satabdi Roy played the role of Antara.

  1. BIYER LAGNA (2008)

The new bride is considered to be evil personified which creates problems in the life of the newlywed couple. How they overcome it forms the plot of the film. Towards the end, the film takes the route of typical 1970s films where one of the family members is kidnapped and the good guys have to save them.

  1. ULLAS (2012)

Kanna, a young tribal boy appears for the police constable examination at the time of summer and drops dead at the examination venue. Suddenly he comes alive on his journey to the morgue and starts running. This story is incorporated with two other stories to make the film. Satabdi  Roy played the role of Sumitra.

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