Top 10 Movies of Srabanti Chatterjee

Top 10 Movies of Srabanti Chatterjee

Srabanti Chatterjee is an Indian actress who works prominently in the Bengali cinema. Acting since childhood she first appeared in Mayar Badhon as a child actress and later got big roles in films like Buno Haansh, Shikari, Bindaas, and many others. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. BINDAAS (2014)

Kajol falls in love with Abhi. It is later revealed that Abhi is the son of the rival family of Kajol’s family. How Abhi uses Kajol to take his revenge from Kajol’s family forms the plot of the film. Srabanti played the role of Anjali, the other love interest of Abhi.

  1. SHIKARI (2016)

Sultan is a paid assassin and after failing to kill Judge Chowdhary, he decides to enter his household as their servant to fulfill his mission. What happens then forms the plot of the film. Srabanti won Queen of  Tollywood award for her role as Riya.

  1. BUNO HAANSH (2014)

The story of the film, which deals with the underworld, revolves around Amal who engages himself deeply into a smuggling business. The events which occur after the boy realizes that he has become the part of a dangerous game, form the climax of the story. Srabanti played the role of Sohag.

  1. AMANUSH (2010)

This film tells the story of Vinod, who is a psychopath due to his troubled childhood. In college, he gradually starts to love Ria. And this love turns obsession which causes plenty of problems in the life of Ria. Ria is played by Srabanti Chatterjee.

  1. UMA (2018)

Does Whan happen when a father decides to arrange a fake Durga puja to fulfill the wish of her dying daughter? This question is answered in the film where Himdari Sen arranges a director Anjan to set the stage for a fake Durga Puja for her daughter. Srabanti played the role of Mariyam.

  1. SESH SANGBAD (2016)

This is the journey of Sarmista, an upright and honest investigative journalist through the web of media politics and her fight for the truth. She braves various situations to capture news at great personal risk only to realize, to her horror and disbelief, that the channel won’t telecast her report.


The plot revolves around three youngsters and their search for Ghosts. They get a unique machine called Bhootjantra, declared them as ghost hunters who can eradicate evil spirits. They start the enterprise named Bhootchakra Private Limited and decide to make some profit on it. But unexpectedly their lies turn out to be true, the friend’s trio falls into serious trouble. Srabanti played the role of Ranja.

  1. KANAMACHI (2013)

Kanamachi deals with the issue of false reporting. Abir has photos of bank robbers that are lost by him due to certain events. He and Naina plan to use the photos to their advantage. Srabanti played the role of Naina.

  1. TEKO (2019)

The story is all about Alokesh is obsessed with his hair, but in a twist of fate, he goes bald after applying oil that’s touted to boost hair growth. Life deals a double blow when his hair-obsessed fiancée, Mina, calls off their wedding after he reveals his bald scalp to her. He then sets out to seek revenge. Srabanti played the role of Mina.


Mishti falls in love with Raju, a simple man who must defend himself against Mishti’s father and brothers who are all out for revenge because Raju’s father killed Mishti’s uncle before her father killed Raju’s father. Srabanti played the role of Mishti.

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