Top 10 Movies of Sreelekha Mitra

Top 10 Movies of Sreelekha Mitra

Sreelekha Mitra is an Indian actress who is known for her work in Bengali Cinema. She is best known for her performance Kantatar in  2006, which won her a BFJA award and an Anandalok Award. In her career, she has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed movies. Her top 10 movies are-


Anilabha discovers a magic lamp from which a genie emerges and can take him to unseen heights in life that he never reached before and also the life of extreme luxury and fortunes. How they adjust and cope with their new-found lives forms the rest of the story. Sreelekha won Anadalok Award for her portrayal of Jhumur Gupto, wife of Anilabha.

  1. KANTATAR (2005)

Kantatar which means Barbed Wire revolves around the journey of Sudha who is an illegal immigrant in the country. She is in search of an identity for herself and her survival is at stake. Her life moves from one male to another and from one religion to another in search of her identity. Sreelekha won Kalakar award for her role as Sudha.


Young Lati is the daughter of a prostitute. She runs away from her mother to Kolkata and there she is swallowed by the humongous city of Kolkata. How she manages to survive there and becomes part of other stories forms the plot of the film. Sreelekha played the role of Ayesha.

  1. EK MUTHO CHABI (2005)

It is the amalgamation of 6 different stories. Sreelekha appears in the first story titled Janmodin where a secretary arranges a girl for his boss. He later finds out that this girl is none other than his wife. Sreelekha’s performance was critically acclaimed.

  1. TOLLY LIGHTS (2008)

It is based on the novel Rangeen Prithibi by Suchitra Bhattacharya. Sreelekha plays the role of a home-maker who falls into the glamour world of films by chance. Bollywood actor Sunny Deol also played an important role in the film.

  1. HOTHAT BRISHTI (1998)

This is the story of Ajit and Deepa. Deepa’s bag is stolen which contained her certificates and this bag is found by Ajit. How they come to meet and fall in love forms the plot of the film. Sreelekha played the role of Preety.


The film explores the different worlds of Manmatha, Jagadish, Biren, Rohit, Rongili, and Kamalini. Manmatha and Jagadish belong to different economic and social classes. Biren is jobless. Rohit is an NRI, Kamalini is the wife of Rohit. Rohit has a relationship with Rangili, another woman. Sreelekha played the role of Kamalini.

  1. HELLO KOLKATA (2008)

The film explores the relationship between 4 couples. Raima and Prateek, Partha and Sheila, Anjali and Rahul, Animesh, and Geeta. Their lives are interconnected in the city of Kolkata. What happens with each one of them forms the plot of the film. Sreelekha played the role of Sheila.

  1. CHAAR (2014)

It based on four stories by different writers- Bateswarer Abodan by Parasuram, Porikkha by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, Kagtarua, and Doi Bondhu Satyajit Ray. Sreelekha appears as Anita in Bateswarer Abadan.


Ayan, a director comes to a palace-like house where a ghost tells him the story of ghosts. Ayan decides to make a movie about this. Sreelekha played the role of Madhumati Sanyal. The film was remade in Hindi as Gang of Ghosts.

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