Top 10 Movies of Suchitra Sen

Top 10 Movies of Suchitra Sen

Often compared to Greta Garbo for her decision to live a secluded life after a career spanning of 25 years, Suchitra Sen is considered one of the most successful Indian actresses of all time. Her roles with Uttam Kumar were considered the greatest achievement of Indian cinema. Her top 10 movies are-


Romola and her family come to live with their relative Shibbabu who is not a good person. Rampriti, son of a wealthy man comes home to and there he falls in love with Romola and their love is opposed by society. How they overcome the obstacles forms the plot. Suchitra Sen played the role of Romola opposite Uttam Kumar.

  1. SAAT PAKE BANDHA (1963)

Suchitra Sen’s role of Archana Basu won her International Award. The film tells the story of Archana and Sukhendu and how their married life is threatened by the nagging of Archana’s mother due to the low income of Sukhendu.

  1. SAPTAPADI (1961)

Krishnendu, a Hindu young man falls in love with Rina, a Christian but they couldn’t get together due to their religious differences. The film follows flashbacks as Krishnendu remembers his past with Rina. Suchitra Sen played the role of Rita Brown.

  1. UTTAR FALGUNI (1963)

In a turn of events, Debjani has to change her identity. She is now called Baiji Pannabai. When she meets her former lover, Manish, she requests him to be Suparna’s guardian. Suchitra Sen played the triple role of Debjani, Pannabai, and Suparna.

  1. ALO AMAR ALO (1971)

A rich industrialist philanthropist and womanizer gets a poor girl kidnapped. In the melee, the girl is hit and becomes amnesic. He falls in love with her but what happens when she gains her memory back forms the story of the film. Suchitra Sen played the role of Atashi.

  1. TRIJAMA (1956)

This is a story of a girl, Swarupa, who’s unable to get her love, Kushal’s attention, however much she tries. But she, a silent type, suffers quietly. Kushal loves another woman who’s rich as well as beautiful, Abala. How Swarupa and Kushal get together forms the plot of the film. Suchitra Sen played the role of Swarupa.

  1. EKTI RAAT (1956)

This film revolves around miscommunication and misunderstanding of two couples and their family which causes a series of laughter. Anita misses her train and her husband Sushavan has to travel with another woman named Santana. To take the shelter in a house they have to pose as husband and wife which causes hilarious situations. Suchitra Sen played the role of Santana.

  1. SABAR UPAREY (1955)

Shankar Chatterjee tries to prove his father Prashanta Chatterjee’s innocence after 12 years of imprisonment along with his girlfriend Rita. Shankar is convicted of murdering his lover Hemangini. Suchitra Sen played the role of Rita.

  1. SAGARIKA (1956)

A medical student falls in love with a junior but pursues his career and because of an accident becomes blind which threatens his entire life. Suchitra Sen played the role of Sagarika.

  1. AGNI PARIKSHA (1954)

Tapasi is an educated young girl who falls in love with Kirti. But the fact that she is married as a teenager poses a hurdle. Tapasi decides to face her past to help her move ahead in life. Tapasi is played by Suchitra Sen.

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