Top 10 Movies of Swastika Mukherjee

Top 10 Movies of Swastika Mukherjee

Swastika Mukherjee is an Indian actress who works prominently in Bengali cinema and the daughter of Late Santu Mukhopadhyay. Mostly working in Indie and art films she is known for her natural acting ability. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. KIA AND COSMOS (2019)

Kia is a 15-year old autistic teenager living with her single mother. One day, her pregnant cat, Cosmos, vanishes, and Kia feels that it is not a normal disappearance but a murder. Kia sets out on a journey to find what happened to Cosmos. Swastika played the role of Dia Chatterjee.


The film tells the story of Kakababu as he is the translator of the hieroglyphic characters of Egypt. While on a project he gets entangled in a dark web of Egyptian dictatorship. How he saves himself there forms the plot of the film. Swastika played the role of Snigdha.

  1. ABORTO (2013)

Aborto is the story of Shyamal. He is a vengeful person who in his madness for vengeance creates problems for himself and thus his life is overthrown by events that are not in control of him. Swastika played the role of Runu Sanyal.


Shah Jahan Regency tells the story of a hotel named Shahajahan and it’s occupants through the eyes of the protagonist Arnab Sarkar. It showed the behavior of an elite class of Bengalis who come to live in the hotel. Swastika played the role of Kamalini Guha.


The film depicts the stories of four different people who deal with pain and violence through music. All the stories are connected by a violent incident. The film also showcases the influence of virtual media on personal life in the modern era.

  1. EBAR SHABOR (2015)

A police detective Shabor Dasgupta is entrusted with the daunting task of solving the mystery surrounding the murder of Mitali Ghosh, a woman with a messy past, who was killed on the night she had thrown a party for friends and family. Swastika played the role of Mitali Ghosh.

  1. BASANTA UTSAV (2013)

Basanta Utsav is an anthology of five independently shot films that revolve around love, desire, and relationships. The stories are written by Samantak Ghosh and Rhitobrata.


Ayan, a director comes to a palace-like house where a ghost tells him the story of ghosts. Ayan decides to make a movie about this. Swastika played the role of Kadalibala Dasi, an actress ghost from the 1940s. The film was remade in Hindi as Gang of Ghosts.

  1. BYE BYE BANGKOK (2011)

Various people go to Bangkok and get inside the same hotel. Many of them are with each other’s wives or girlfriends. A series of hilarious events occur and one particular event brings all of them together.

  1. JAATISHWAR (2014)

Jaatishwar is about Rohit, who goes to Portugal, and there meets a man named Kushal Hazra who claims to be re-incarnation of Hensman Anthony, a 19th-century folk poet. He is told that he has reincarnated because he left some work incomplete which he must do completely. Swastika played the role of Mahamaya Banerjee and Soudamini i.e. wife of Hensman Anthony.

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