Top 10 Nepali Web Series

Top 10 Nepali Web Series

Nepali language web content is gaining popularity with each new series they are making. The ideas are fresh and refreshing and filled with the enthusiasm of the team making them. Although the series are few in numbers, they are gaining a large audience due to their good content. So here we are with our top 10 picks for the top 10 web series you can watch in Nepalese language.

  1. Herne Katha

The series tells the untold stories of unknown people who are doing some extraordinary work in different regions of Nepal. Watch this series to become aware of the present state of society around us where each episode is in the form of a documentary.

  1. P.S. Zindagi

A sitcom that deals with the life of five Nepali youth. Each one of them belongs to different social statuses and regions of Nepal and each one of them is affected by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, however differently.

  1. Action Cut

The series is about a group of film students who want to make big in the film business. Watch them trying and failing and then trying to make the film they desire. The series I becoming famous among the youth for its refreshing take on life and career.

  1. Just Another Love Story

The series is quite refreshing to take on the same-sex relationship. The story revolves around the love of two girls and one straight guy. Watch how they deal with the new-relationships and meaning of love and sexuality in modern times.

  1. Wrong Time

The wrong time is the romance based series which tells the story of two brothers. Both of the brothers are in love with the two girls in the town. Watch their dealings with the love, life, and the responsibilities of families.

  1. High School

High school is the most loved time of our school days. We are dealing with newfound meanings of life, career aspirations, love, and friendship. This all can be watched through this beautiful series which will make you fall in love with it.

  1. Ghumauri

A comedy series starring popular names like TharchanGhale, Raja Gurung, and others and directed by Sunil Gurung. The series tells the chronicles of a guy who is just unique in his personality and have a different point of view towards life.

  1. 21st Love

Starring Saroj Adhikari and SamyogGuragain, 21st love consist of 21 episodes in total. The show deals with the love life of a couple and the people surrounding them. Watch as they deal with love and relationships in fastly changing world.

  1. Baaji

A big town supermodel becomes the object of a bet between two friends which will affect the lives of all the people surrounding three of them. When a normal bet becomes a thrilling adventure, then things turn nasty.

  1. Timro Lyang Lyang

A couple is very fond of each other but easily becomes irritated with each other’s habits and insecurities. And each time a question looms over them – will they be able to continue this relationship? Watch as they deal with this question.

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