Top 10 Oriya Web Series

Top 10 Oriya Web Series

Quality, not quantity – that seems to be the motto of Odia web content makers. The series are few in numbers but great in inside content. That’s the reason people are noticing the web series in this language. So if you want to have some taste of Odia web series, here is our top 10 list of web series you can watch in Odia language –

  1. 100% Original

The series is made by people who are Odia descendent but don’t live in Orissa. The series takes a comic approach on Ollywood i.e. Orissa’s Film Industry. The series is gaining much appreciation in the regional areas of Orissa.

  1. Chumbak

Two girls are in love with each other but this world and society are not accepting them. Watch their love story and their battle against constant criticism, depression, anxiety, fear, and a new sense of sexuality of which they are trying to find the meaning.

  1. Welcome To the Family

A boy bunks classes daily. Nobody in his family is aware of his deeds but one day the school administrations send a letter to his house regarding this. Watch his story as he tries to save himself with the help of his sister.

  1. 72 Hours – Life or Death

A happy family consisting of a husband, a loving wife, and a beautiful daughter are entangled in a dreadful drive. Watch the man’s struggle as he tries to choose between saving his family and doing the right thing.

  1. Tike Sata Tike Michha

A series that focuses on the lies people tell while in a relationship and what affect these lies have over the relationship. Watch the consequences of telling lies in a relationship and what happens when these lies are exposed.

  1. Saheb Biwi Aur Sala

Watch the series to know about the most talked-about relationship in life which comes with the marriage – sala, i.e brother-in-law. The series focuses on a couple and the constant incidences between the husband and his brother-in-law.

  1. Rabana Podi

A communication gap can kill an age-old relationship – this is the essence of this show where Brigadier Jayprakash Mishra is not on talking terms with his grandson Jiten who is coming to see him on the occasion of Durga Puja. Watch their story to make you remember the love of our family’s old ones.

  1. Bikram Betal

The classic tale of Betal Pachchisi is quite famous in India where King Vikramaditya answers the questions of Betal which he asks after telling a story. The twist is that if the king fails to answer the question – Betal will kill him.

  1. Faltu Katha Returns

Watch the sketch comedies written by acclaimed writers in Odia language which will make you laugh so hard that you will fall in love with it. The sketches are filled with satire and deal with the daily lives of the common man.

  1. Ding Dung Excuse Me

Each episode features the same cast in different roles where the lead actor comes in a new getup and new character and tells his story which will tickle your funny bones at the same time will arouse your interest in social conditions prevailing in the society.

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