Top 10 Telugu Web Series

Top 10 Telugu Web Series

Telugu web series is soon going to touch the same heights which are ruled by Telugu cinema. The series made in Telugu are so fresh with ideas and content-driven that they are gaining popularity day by day. Here are our picks for the top 10 Telugu web series you can watch right now.

  1. Pilla (2017)

A psycho doctor uses his abilities to control a girl who is focused on her career. Watch how he comes to control the girl and her life for one night. The things turn on their heels when the girl realizes that she has lost one night from her life.

  1. Sotari Brothers (2019)

A light comedy series revolving around two brothers with the surname Sotari. Both of them are bachelors. Watch how they try to solve this issue and this creates problems for them and they get entangled with funny people and circumstances.

  1. Aha Na Pellanta (2017)

The series focuses on the life of a young girl who is dealing with lots of questions dealing with marriage – such as whom to marry, when to marry and why to marry? Watch this series to get an insight into the minds of young girls as they deal with issues regarding marriage.

  1. Geetha Subramanyam (2020)

Watch a couple where the man and the woman are just opposite to each other and have different philosophies regarding life. Watch how they come to respect each other’s perspectives and deal with the issues of ego and respect in their relationship.

  1. 703 (2017)

A thriller series, 7O3 revolves around two characters – a story writer whose face matches with the man who has just been murdered. Watch how a similar fate connects their fate and the fate of people associated with both of them.

  1. Pelli Gola (2017)

Two families are trying to hitch their children with each other. Unknowingly both the children are trying to elope together. Watch how the comedy of errors came to happen and chaos starts to occur around them which will end in a twist.

  1. Endukila (2017)

A man has really bad luck which spills over all his life. When he falls in love with the girl of his dreams things turn interesting. Watch how he tries to win her heart but each time his bad luck comes in the way of winning her heart.

  1. Posh Poris (2016)

Three working girls are living together and they have a modern outlook towards life. Watch their life and the drama around their love lives which will make you laugh hard. Each one of them has an interesting and quirky relationship with their respective boyfriends.

  1. Mana Mugguri Love Story (2017)

A simple yet complex girl falls in love with two boys at the same time. Watch how she comes to understand herself and about love through these two relationships which gives you an insight into a modern take on relationships.

  1. Kailasapuram (2019)

A hard-hitting web series dealing with the life of five college going boys who get involved in Marijuana smuggling after becoming addicted to it. The series is gaining popularity for social issues it raised regarding drug circulation in college.

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