Top 10 Web series in Malayalam

Top 10 Web series in Malayalam

Malayalam web content has created its niche in the web content field over the years. With each new series, the industry has touched a new height thus making it gradually popular among masses. Here are our picks for the top 10 web series available in the Malayalam language.

  1. Singappooram (2015)

A comedy series that put Malayalam language web content on the map. The series explores the daily life of people belonging to the Malayalam community who lives in different regions of the world and especially Singapore.

  1. Akkuvum Ikkuvum (2020)

Shot during the Covid19 lockdown period, this series is touching new heights in popularity. The series focuses on the lives of two seventh standard students Akku and Ikku. Ikku is the incarnation of God in the form of a kid and this makes life interesting for them.

  1. Eastern Rock Paper Scissors (2019)

A women-centric series, Rock Paper Scissors (called RPS in short form)  tells the story of three women to belong to different areas of society who are living together in an apartment. Watch their daily lives and witty moments.

  1. Toofan Mail (2017)

The series explores the loving story of a beautiful relationship between a father and daughter. Watch how they develop their bond and come to accept each other by the numerous incidents in their daily lives.

  1. Thera Pera (2018)

Four friends are jobless and struggle with daily problems. Each one of them is having his idiosyncrasies which makes things difficult for him. Watch how they come together to solve their employment problem which creates even bigger problems for them.

  1. Utsaha Ithihasam (2018)

Two friends help each other in their needs. One of them has problems demolishing a man’s property while others are dealing with the issue of girls. Watch their stories unfolding which will surely make us fall in love with them.

  1. Sathee (2017)

A girl raises the child of the man she loves but he is having another life with another woman. Watch their story as the child comes to know the truth and tries to find the meaning of his identity and whom to chose between the mother who raised him or the mother who gave him birth.

  1. I Promise RIA (2019)

A group of three friends consisting of two boys and one girl remembers their past and the easy life they used to have. Watch their life story and the time when they were growing up. The series is loved by youth for dealing with problems associated with school-going boys and girls.

  1. Plus Two Class (2019)

Watch the life of boys and girls studying in plus two classes. This is the class when the easy school life is going to end and youth comes face to face with realities of the outside world. Watch their fun-filled days and decisions which will change their life forever.

  1. Love ETC (2020)

Watch the life of a couple as they deal with love and all the etcetera things that come with this. There is always more to life than love and this can be beautifully seen in this romantic web series which is touching million hearts.

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