Top 10 Web Series on Aha

Top 10 Web Series on Aha

Aha is the new addition to OTT Platforms in India and its features show only in the Telugu language. So fans of Telugu cinema will get a treat by watching shows on this platform. Telugu cinema in recent years has produced good quality content and it can be worth watching on the OTT Platform also. So here is the top 10 web series on Aha which you can binge watch and enjoy thoroughly.

  1. Locked (2020)

Imagine, you are locked in a mansion with a bunch of people who are not what they say. And you discover one by one that each person in the mansion is having a secret agenda which can prove fatal for you. That’s the plot of locked where a bunch of secretive people is locked in a mansion and trying to ascertain motives of each other.

  1. Sin (2020)

This series is inspired by Hello! Web series on the Bengali language shows streaming platform Hoichoi. A woman is caught between her trust and the reality where her husband is having an extramarital affair. She must decide whether to have faith in her love or break the marriage. Watch how she tries to manage the affair and also realize that some things are better as they are.

  1. Mastis (2020)

Six people from altogether different backgrounds and social stature come together and navigate their life which is interwoven with each other. They must resolve their issues in love, friendship, and life and deal with the impending danger which is hovering over all their lives. The show is gaining popularity for its unique screenplay and great acting.

  1. Kotha Poradu (2020)

When a simple guy from a simple village comes to the city, he must face the fast and everchanging pace of the city which will test all his wits and strength. Watch the story of Raju as he tries to manage his living in the present scenario of cities where everyone is trying to reach on top and no one is going to give you your place until you ask for it. How a simple guy turns into the selfish person to reach the top – is the basic plot of the show.

  1. Shit Happens (2017)

You are with your two friends and you call a hooker. All is going well until that hooker dies in your apartment. Then the ball starts rolling and everything turns messy and comedic for the audience. This is the basic plot of this series where these two people try to save themselves from the reach of law and save their life which can end soon.

  1. Geetha Subramanyam 2020(2020)

A simple romantic comedic story where Geetha and Subramanyam are living in a live-in relationship. The show explores their daily life and how they deal with it. The show is being loved by the audience for its lightness and refreshing take on relationships. While Geetha is sweet and funny and Subramanyam is also loving and caring but every human on the planet has some flaws. Watch how they deal with the flaws of each other and manage to lead a happy life.

We can only find 6 so far. Let us know if you know any new name to be included in the list.

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