Top 10 Web Series on Airtel Xstream

Top 10 Web Series on Airtel Xstream

Airtel  Xstream is a digital media platform service by Airtel where different shows from various other sources are streamed. It is a nice platform to have some selected picks from all over the digital content market in one place. So here we present a list of top 10 web series which can be watched on Airtel XStream.

  1. Mrs. Jasoos (2019)

Mrs. Jasoos is a mystery detective show which revolves around the story of Rohini. When a superstar is charged with the accusation that he has killed his co-actor, then Rohini decides to investigate the case as the superstar is her husband.

  1. Tum Se Na Ho Paayega (2019)

What must a simple man face after coming to the city of dreams- Mumbai? Well, that’s what we get to know in this comedy web series where an innocent man named Bala comes to Mumbai for a job and he must deal with office politics, life, and all the things that life can offer you.

  1. K Se Krime (2018)

A crime drama series, K Se Krime explores the crime circuit in eastern Uttar Pradesh that is called Purvanchal where mafia lords, murder, theft, dons, and everything that comes under crime is in top-notch format.

  1. Cartoon (2018)

The show is the Hindi dubbed version of the Bengali show of the same name. The story revolves around a cartoonist by the name of Aritra whose life is thrown in a mess when strange things start to happen around her apartment.

  1. Six (2018)

Six people are suspected killing of a girl and whose husband is the top suspect. He must investigate the case and must find out about the real killer otherwise he will spend his whole life behind the bars for the crime he has not committed.

  1. Salon De Paris (2019)

Salon De Paris is the name of a parlor owned by three girls. When lots of goons threaten their business, they decide to help themselves and take the matter into their own hands and must fight the goons.

  1. Hello! (2017)

Hindi version of the Bengali web show Hello!, is featured on Airtel XStream. Hello! Tells the story of Nandita whose life gets messy when a strange MMS from an unknown number threatens her happily married life on the day of Durga Puja.

  1. TaranathTantrik (2019)

Airtel XStream presents the Hindi version of popular Bengali literature character and shows TaranathTantrik in this show. The show is of horror and mystery genre and deals with the supernatural aspect which is associated with the strange TaranathTantrik.

  1. Once Upon a Crime (2020)

The show features a strange story where characters of a writer’s story come in his real life and this forms the plot of a crime story the writer is writing. The line between fiction and reality is blurred which leads to strange events in the life of people associated with the writer.

  1. Drishtibhram (2019)

When a psychologist, Awantika Sinha is asked to investigate the psyche of a very notorious criminal, Shivam Bhargav then what happens is that both their lives get entangled with each other which leads to Awantika doing some strange things.

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