Top 10 Web Series on Disney Plus

Top 10 Web Series on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the streaming platform by The Walt Disney Company which is featuring many movies and web-series on its platform. With the rise of web-content, Disney Plus comes as a fresh breath with utterly different and new web content. Here are our picks for top 10 web series you can watch on Disney Plus-

  1. The Mandalorian (2019)

A spinoff series of Star Wars series focuses on adventures of a lone gunfighter who is navigating through the outer reaches of space running from the authority of the New Republic. The series was the major hit for Disney Plus.

  1. Forky Asks a Question (2019)

A fun animated series that focuses on little Forky and his life as he asks questions to his friend which all concern about life. Watch how he finds meaning and answers in life by asking questions. The series became an instant hit.

  1. The Imagineering Story (2019)

This series focuses on the story of the making of Disney Theme Parks. Watch the in-depth stories of every theme-park creation which makes Disney Theme Parks the world’s best destination for fun and adventure.

  1. Gravity Falls (2012)

It’s like this animation series is made by surrealist and absurd movie director David Lynch. Two siblings go to their great uncle’s town Gravity Falls. They are trying to adjust to the weird surroundings and then they discover the hidden secrets of the town.

  1. Big Hero 6 (2017)

This is the sequel too much-appreciated movie Big Hero 6. Our 14-year-old protagonist Hiro Hamada tries to save the world around him with the help of his super robot Baymax and friends. Watch his adventures.

  1. Tron: Uprising (2012)

Young program Trek decides to become the leader in the computer system called Grid and tries to take his home back from the reign of Clu and his henchman, Gen. The series is set between the timeline of two films – Tron and Tron: Legacy.

  1. Inhumans (2017)

It is a series of Marvel Cinematic Universe where Black Bold, a superhero who can destroy everything around him with a slight whisper is plunged into the world of politics and humans and there is impending danger on his family.

  1. Star Wars Rebels (2014)

The series is set between the time of Episode III and Episode IV of the Star Wars franchise. In this series,the Imperial Forces are occupying the world of a planet and ruling their inhabitants. And members of a starship Ghost try to stand against the Empire.

  1. Elena of Avalor (2016)

Princess Elena takes back her life, her family, and her throne from the evil sorceressShuriki but now she must manage the throne and she goes on an adventure that will test her abilities and leadership skills.

  1. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019)

Celebrity chef Ramsay travels the world in uncharted territories and tries to find the inspiration for his culinary abilities. Watch him plunging deep into the ocean, falling from the sky, going through the dark jungles and many other unimaginable dangers.

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