Top 10 Web Series on Fliz Movies

Top 10 Web Series on Fliz Movies

Fliz Movies is one of the few OTT platforms in India which features 18+ web series. The platform is similar to the HotShots OTT Platform and is very popular among the masses. With no issue of censorship in web content, adult content is being produced in large quantities. So here is the list of top 10 web series on Fliz Movies.

  1. Rangmanch (2020)

The series talks about the struggle of an actress in the film industry. What an actress faces while trying to achieve her dreams of becoming the superstar actress in the film industry, what will she sacrifice and how will she survive- forms the plot of the series.

  1. Nasha (2020)

With each episode, a story is told which will deal with the topic of addiction in our lives. Every person on this planet is addicted to something -whether it be money, sex, life, dreams, drugs, books,etc – this series talks about the same thing via various stories.

3. Bhookh (2020)

A woman kidnaps the man she loves and makes him her slave due to her love. This hunger for love known no bounds and will prove fatal for both the woman and the man and will test the societal norms.

  1. Vengeance (2019)

When two girls decide to take revenge and turn into serial killer then all hell breaks loose. This is the story of those two girls and how they take revenge from the people they hate. A police inspector is behind them but couldn’t find any clue.

  1. Pathetic (2020)

It is the story of two sisters and the bond they share. Watch how two sisters navigate the maze of life and try to survive in this forever changing and dangerous world. Both of these sisters fall in love with the same man and this creates the complexity in their lives.

  1. Honey Trap (2019)

A thriller series that is thoroughly engaging and amazing. Watch the story of two girls and the vengeance they take due to some gruesome things which happened with them in the past. Each person must pay for his deeds- that’s the message of the series.

  1. Saturday Nights (2020)

A series that talks about the nightmares and hallucinations which are collectively experienced by a bunch of housewives. They must investigate and survive through these experiences to question them and find the answers to their questions.

  1. Brides (2020)

A series that talks about bridal customs and the bride of different religions and customs. Each episode narrates a story of a girl who is a bride and how she must face different conditions and customs which will decide her married life.

  1. Usal Misal (2019)

Relationships nowadays are like a trap and that is the basic theme of this series which tells the story of a girl who is trapped by her boyfriend in the trap of a relationship. How she realizes that it is a trap and she must break free forms the plot.

  1. Magic Girl (2020)

When a young girl is bitten by an unusual insect – she gains unnatural power. How she uses those powers for her benefit and society forms the plot. The show is a must-watch for its story.

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