Top 10 Web Series on Kooku

Top 10 Web Series on Kooku

Kooku is the new OTT platform that mainly features erotic web series. It has only made a few web series but each one has garnered a large audience thus making it a big name in the erotic web content streaming platform’s market. Here are our picks for the top 10 web series you can watch on Kooku.

  1. Shemale

A man is interested in feeling like a girl for a long time but was not able to act on his interests. One day he decides that he would change his gender. His fiancée learns about this and tries to change his thoughts regarding this.

  1. Bhootiyapa

A ghost is trapped in a haunted house and couldn’t find peace due to his crime of committing rape. And he can only find some solace in committing the same crime over and over again in his ghost form. Watch as the serial raping of ghost goes on until one day something unexpected happens.

  1. Golden Hole

A housewife is bored with her married life. She wants love and romance from his husband who is unable to fulfill her demands. She decides to take things in her own hands and goes on an adventure filled with action and drama.

  1. Suno Sasurji

A married couple is going through sexual problems. The husband is impotent and his wife is extremely sexually oriented. And there is a third person in the house – father of husband who is sexually fit and perverted. Watch this steamy tale of relationships.

  1. Woh Teacher

A student who can not pass his exams because he can’t concentrate on his studies is sent to a female teacher Vidya. Vidya is going through tough times in her relationship and she tries to find some way to make this student concentrate on the studies.

  1. Miss Khiladi: The Perfect Player

Four friends – Sonia, Sunil, Vijay, and Shobha considers themselves the players. Each one competes in the game of love, friendship, and sexuality. Watch this drama to find out who wins the battle for the trophy of the greatest player.

  1. Couple Guest House

A couple of books a guesthouse to getaway romantically by taking some time off from their busy schedule. But they find something horrifying in that romantic guesthouse which will change their lives forever.

  1. ChutzPah

A small-town girl with big dreams comes to the city of Mumbai to make big in the film industry. Watch her story as she makes some bad decisions that change her life forever and ever. And she is unable to run away from this web of glamour and sex.

  1. Shaadi Vivah

Twos women are con artists. They lure wealthy men in their trap and then they loot their money and run away. Police are always on their trail. Watch their story as they try to get away from trailing police which can harm their business.

  1. You, Me and My Padosan

A guy is a playboy. He doesn’t want serious love and always ends up having multiple flings at the same time. The problem appears when one of the girls becomes pregnant and the other one starts to live with him. Watch him dealing with all of this.

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