Top 10 Web Series on NOW TV

Top 10 Web Series on NOW TV

Now Tv is a web content streaming service owned by British Company Sky. It streams programs from various sources such as Fox, Sky TV, and many other modes working in British industry. The platform has been in the news for its programs which feature a  wide variety of British related shows. So here are our picks for top 10 web series you can watch on Now TV

  1. I Know This Much is True (2020)

Based on the 1998 novel of the same name, it stars Mark Ruffalo in the double role of twins. One of the twins is suffering from schizophrenia which is dangerous for his own life as well as for people around her. Watch the story of these two brothers.

  1. Band of Brothers (2001)

Based on the book written by Stephen Ambrose, the series explores the life of a band of soldiers as they put their life on the line of danger while fighting in world war II. Watch their fight to survive each day in this bold and acclaimed series.

  1. The Trip to Greece (2010)

Two actors Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan travel to the ancient lands of Greece copying the path of Odysseus but walking through hotels and restaurants instead of fighting monsters and villains in his path.

  1. The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst (2015)

Robert Durst is the New York Real Estate heir and his life is filled with an incident of uttermost extraordinary tales. Watch how his wife disappeared under mysterious conditions in 1982  and later his neighbor’s death affected his public image.

  1. The Wire (2002)

The series focuses on different institutions of a city and how they are related to law enforcement in the city and deals with the topics of the illegal drug trade, human trafficking, city government, and corruption.

  1. Escape At Dannemora (2018)

Town Dannemora has a maximum-security prison where the inmates become romantically entangled and this unravels the whole operation and affects the lives of people around them. The series was praised for Its dramatic storyline.

  1. Patrick Melrose (2018)

Patrick Melrose is the story of a wealthy man in Britain who is damaged because of childhood abuse by his cruel father and mother who used to ignore him. Watch how he is on his self-destroying path. Could he be saved?

  1. Gomorrah (2014)

It follows the story of the Italian underworld where Ciro Di Marzio explores the dark paths of the crime world to become the top dog in the area. Watch his story and his decisions when face by questions of morality and ethics.

  1. Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

The series is the sequel too much-acclaimed absurd and surrealist series Twin Peaks by the director Davin Lynch. This series also focuses on multiple storylines that all connect to the FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper who is investigating the murder that happened at Twin Peaks.

  1. Ray Donovan (2013)

A thug turned to fixer for Hollywood celebrities, Ray Donovan is a strange man. Watch how his past life comes to haunt him in his now peaceful life and how he deals with it.

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