Top 10 Web Series on Shemaroo

Top 10 Web Series on Shemaroo

Shemaroo is India’s one of the oldest film producing company which has been associated with many blockbuster movies in the 1980s and 90s. With the arrival of OTT platforms, Shemaroo was also not far behind and it launched it’s own OTT Platform by the name of ShemarooME which features a large variety of web shows. So here is the list of top 10 web series on ShemarooMe.

  1. Drishtibharam (2019)

A psychological thriller which will make you bite your nail, Dristhibharam is just amazing and new where a criminal psychologist will get in the ring with a notorious serial killer which will test her all abilities and will warp the life around her.

  1. Pyaar on the Rocks (2019)

A comedy-drama series focuses on the lives of 3 bachelor boys by the name of Rahul, Gullu, and Shampy who are enjoying their life to the fullest. But one day a girl comes into their life which just removes earth below their feet.

  1. Aur Ek Kahani (2019)

Famous movie critic and trade analyst Komal Nahata of Zee ETC Bollywood Business will host a show which will tell you the real-life stories of many famous personalities from Bollywood and it narrates those elements which have not been revealed so far.

  1. Sector 12 Ka Kitty Club (2018)

A light comedy-drama that features an ensemble cast of females where comedy is found in everyday events of their life and deals with many issues related to their lives like taboos, prejudices against them, and gossips.

  1. Baaten Suni Ansuni (2019)

We all love Bollywood and if there is a show which tells untold stories about the most famous films ever made in Bollywood then what more do we need! So here is BaatenSuniAnsuni which will tell you behind the lens stories about many such movies.

  1. Baatein Kahi Ankahi (2020)

RJ Anmol act as the presenter of this show where each episode will feature a legend from Indian cinema and talk about his/her journey, anecdotes, reveals many secrets which are not known till now, and lots of entertainment for us.

  1. Cinema Ka Safar (2019)

A talk show where various filmmakers will talk about their journey all the things they faced in the everchanging Hindi film industry to make remarkable and path-breaking movies that pushed the envelope to bring today’s Bollywood to us.

  1. Filmi Flashback (2020)

Shemaroo caters to those masses which are into films and this gives us another show where each episode will talk about the making of some of the brilliant movies of Bollywood. Secret deals, fights, and drama will unfold in every episode.

  1. Friday Rewind (2019)

RJ Adaa will tell you the stories behind a few of the most successful songs in the Hindi film industry. There is just some otherworldly experience when listening to the soothing voice of RJ Adaa which will rekindle your love for Bollywood music.

  1. Bharti Ka Show (2020)

Famous comedian Bharti Singh will host a talk show where she will share a hilarious evening with many stars of TV which will entertain you and leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

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