Top 10 Web Series on Shudder

Top 10 Web Series on Shudder

Shudder is an American streaming service that specially deals with programs of horror, thriller, and supernatural genre. The platform has a huge audience in both goth and normal culture where the young generation is fond of the genre it streams. So, here are our top picks for the top 10 web series you can enjoy on Shudder.

  1. Deadwax (2018)

There is a vinyl record which can kill the people who listen to it. A young woman starts on an investigation trying to find this record which could solve her many problems. Watch the mystery behind the record and the chaos it causes.

  1. Monster Vision (2018)

It is a series where each episode is a film of that genre. The first season streamed 13 most famous horror films of the century like Blood Feast, Basket Case, The Tourist Trap, Demons, etc. Other seasons include names like Evil Dead series, Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.

  1. Creepshow (2019)

It is based on the comic book series of the same name which features horror stories by some of the greatest horror authors of the world like Stephen King, Joe Hill, Bruce Jones, and many others. The series was much acclaimed for its conception.

  1. Beyond the Walls (2016)

A man is found to be dead who has been sitting in a chair in a house for 30 years. A woman named Lisa comes to live in the house and at night she goes through the wall into the realm where houses have forests inside them.

  1. Jordskott (2015)

A police detective has lost her son 7 years ago and there is no clue to his disappearance. Now after 7 years a similar incident happens where a young girl disappears. This detective tries to find the connections between the two events.

  1. Born To Kill (2017)

A new girl arrives in the town and strange events start to happen around Sam, the guy who has been living in the town for many years. These events lead to deaths and thus things turn mysterious and dangerous.

  1. Todd and The Book of Pure Evil (2010)

A group of friends lives in a town that has been founded by Satanists unknown to everyone. They come across an evil book that can fulfill any wish in a sinister way. Todd and his friends go on a quest to destroy the evil book.

  1. One Cut of The Dead (2017)

A Japanese film, One Cut of The Dead is about a film crew who are shooting their film in an abandoned water plant, and then they face a zombie apocalypse that endangers their lives and film. Watch how they save themselves.

  1. Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories (2016)

Neil Gaiman is one of the best horror and supernatural authors in the world. Watch episodes based on his short stories which will take you into the realm of horror and supernatural events and will turn out to be a roller-coaster ride.

  1. Cursed Films (2020)

This is a documentary series where people related to horror films talk about the supernatural and weird incidents which happened while filming those films.

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