Top 10 Web Series on Sling

Top 10 Web Series on Sling

Sling television offers a live TV feature with more than 50 free channels and it is one of the leading streaming platforms for some of the best English language programs. With so much to chose from, people get confused. So here we are giving our top 10 picks of Web Series on Sling.

  1. Lexx (1997)

A sci-fi comedy-drama which you will enjoy immensely due to its story which covers a wide range of sci-fi concepts such as – assassins, multiple earths, multidimensional beings, technology wars, superheroes, time travel and all the things you can and can not imagine.

  1. Parks and Recreation (2015)

The series is a political comedy featuring an ensemble cast of some of the well-known TV Stars of America. The story is set in the fictional town of Pawnee where Leslie Knope is deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department and this is her story.

  1. Friends (1994)

Considered the greatest tv series ever made in the history of the TV industry. The story is set in New York where a group of 6 friends lives their life which will make you laugh and you will love them like your own family. Jennifer Aniston rose to fame through this series. If you haven’t watched it, you haven’t watched anything yet.

  1. The Middle (2009)

This is the story of a middle married woman, who is trying to keep things together in her dysfunctional family of three children and husband with problems in her career and life. The series is a sit-com and one of the best comedy you will ever watch.

  1. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (2020)

A fantasy comedy-drama where the protagonist of the show, Zoey Clarke can listen to people’s thoughts in the form of songs while she is working as a computer engineer in a company. Watch how she uses this ability to transform people’s lives.

  1. Party Down (2009)

A catering team is trying to make big in the catering business in the town of Los Angeles, California among the rush of celebrities, big stars, and all the glow of Los Angeles. Each episode features a problem that will make the team stronger and better.

  1. Superstore (2015)

The story of an everyday trial of a group of employees working in a big-box store called Cloud-9 where each one of them tries to manage the professional and personal life which will make them a better team. Watch this story to understand what it takes to lead a balanced life.

  1. The Big Bang Theory (2007)

One of the most celebrated sitcoms in the world, this show talks about the life of a group of nerds who are into geeky culture and a hot girl actress who comes into their life and then big-bang happens. The series just ended this year.

  1. The Good Place (2016)

A corrupt saleswoman dies and finds herself in a wonderful heaven-like afterlife with a mistaken identity. She tries to save her real identity which will endanger her good life in the afterlife. The series just ended this year in January.

  1. Steven Universe (2013)

A team of magical beings is guardians of the Universe. They have magical powers that originate from the gem in their belly. A new and young member of the group – Steven tries to understand his powers and save the universe. It is an animation series.

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