Top 10 Web Series on Starz

Top 10 Web Series on Starz

Starz started streaming its programs in 2005 and now it has a considerable base for its audience. The platform has streamed constantly some of the most incredible web series in the world which are loved worldwide. So here is our list of top 10 web series to be watched on Starz.

  1. American Gods (2017)

A fantasy drama series which is based on the concept that magic is real and old gods are struggling to fight new gods which are based on technology. A person named Mr. Wednesday is trying to unite old Gods to save them and their influence and a human named Shadow must find his place in it.

  1. Outlander (2014)

A historical drama series that focuses on the life of Claire Randall, a nurse in world war II. Claire Randall finds herself in history in Scotland of 1743. She must navigate there and save her life and try to understand what is happening around her.

  1. The Girlfriend Experience (2016)

An anthology series which focuses on girls who are in the profession of escort services. A student named Chrisite Reade is working as an intern in a law firm and also working as an escort. What happens when her two lives start to mix forms the plot.

  1. Da Vinci’s Demons (2013)

It is based on the life of great inventor and painter Leonardo Da Vinci and explores his activities in Italy of the Renaissance period. An eccentric genius who is trying to manage the demons of his imagination and his genius, Da Vinci must become the greatest artist ever born.

  1. Hollywood Residential (2008)

A comedy series where an aspiring actor starts a show where he will go and make improvements in the home of Hollywood stars. Watch the funny takes on real-life actors and how Tony King tries to be successful with his show.

  1. Ash vs Evil Dead (2015)

It is an unofficial sequel to film series of Evil Dead. Ash Williams has long forgotten his war with the dead in 1300 AD and now living a simple life but not for long. He must again take up the mantle of a hero to fight the Evil Dead king.

  1. The Missing (2014)

It is the story of parents trying to find their missing son/daughter. In the first season Tony Hughes loses his son Oliver during a Fifa World Cup Match and after lots of investigation – no clue is to be found. Eight years later Tony finds a photo which has a clue and he must find his son.

  1. The White Queen (2013)

The series focuses on the historical event of War of the roses where a woman finds herself amidst a war for the throne of England. She must save herself from acting as a pawn of higher authorities and find her way amidst the chaos.

  1. The Pillars of the Earth (2010)

The series talks about the anarchy in England during the 12th century and how a group of people is trying to construct a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge. Watch how human desires lead to the rise and fall of the greatest of kingdoms.

  1. Spartacus (2010)

It is based on the historical figure of Roman Gladiator Spartacus. Watch how he comes to the point where his life starts in historical records. The series got critical acclaim for its screenplay and story.

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