Top 10 Web Series on TVF

Top 10 Web Series on TVF

TVF was the pioneer among web-content creators who were trying to create something altogether different than the prevailing content of daily-soap in the Indian entertainment content market. It’s unique, quirky, and fresh stories on various aspects made TVF the popular name among the masses and especially for youth who were rooting for some fresh content. Now, TVF regularly creates something new and refreshing and here we are providing you top 10 names from its content –

  1. Pitchers (2015)

This was the show which put TVF in the masses. The unique storyline centered around a group of friends who are trying to build a company based on an idea. And the tagline- ‘Tu beer hai’. The show was extremely successful among the masses and is still watched for its brilliant content.

  1. Kota Factory (2019)

This show just changed the whole dynamic of web content. Becoming the first-ever show in the Indian digital market to feature an altogether black and white screenplay, the story revolves around the lives of students preparing for engineering and living in Kota.

  1. Tripling (2016)

There are very few movies or series based on a road trip in India. So when TVF created a road trip series based around three siblings the show became an instant hit. Sumit Vyas was especially liked for his performance in the series.

  1. Permanent Roommates (2014)

With two successful seasons, Permanent Roommates is one of the most successful shows on TVF which is known for its good story and comedy. This show put Sumit Vyas on the map of good actors by his honest and funny portrayal of Mikesh.

  1. Inmates (2017)

This show features a talented cast and the story revolves around a group of friends who are flatmates. The quirky, funny, and extremely entertaining show is known for its cult status among masses which makes it a must-watch.

  1. Bachelors (2016)

This series again proved that TVF is an extremely impeccable platform for shows which will appeal to masses. This particular series focuses on the life of bachelors and each episode features one of the daily problems of bachelors.

  1. The Insiders (2019)

We millennials root for the weekend as it is the day when the chance for party and relaxation from hugely tiring office job is grabbed upon. This show features a group of friends who meet every Saturday in a self-made club called Insiders where weird things happen.

  1. Cubicles (2019)

There are various shows and movies which tell you to leave the cubicle job and follow your passion but what if your passion is that cubicle job. Then this show TVF Cubicles is there to show yo the same. With a brilliant cast and story, the show touches the right strings.

  1. Bisht, Please! (2017)

Bisht, Please is the first show of TVF with a female protagonist. The story follows the life of a girl – a lovable loser who is in a dilemma with her ex-boyfriend Donny and best friend. This girl is none other than Neetu Bisht, played by real-life Nidhi Bisht of TVF.

  1. Yeh Meri Family (2018)

The show is a tribute to the wonderful ’90s with all its delights. The era when no internet was there and playgrounds were the only place where games were played with real live people. Featuring Mona Singh and Vishesh Bansal the show is a must-watch.

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