Top 10 Web Series on Ullu

Top 10 Web Series on Ullu

Ullu is the OTT platform that features web series, movies, shorts, and regional content which is adult rated. It is extremely popular among masses for its high-quality content and some really good shows. One of the few platforms where adult content is streamed without any censorship, Ullu is the leading platform in this type of content. Here is our list of top 10 web series on Ullu.

  1. Kasak (2020)

A wonderful nurse who was respected and loved by everyone around her in the hospital protested against corrupt medical procedures and betrayed. She must find justice and peace as she is lying unconscious in the hospital bed for 37 years. Watch her story.

  1. Riti Riwaz (2020)

One man sleeps with the wife of his friend but later gets to know that she was a wife on rent. The man himself hires one girl like that but soon this wife on rent starts acting as his real life. Watch how he deals with it.

  1. Charmsukh (2019)

Anya is a loving girl and daughter. She loves her boyfriend very much. Watch how she tries to manage both the love for her mother and her boyfriend and achieve what she wants from both relationships.

  1. Panchali (2019)

A young woman decides to marry into a strange family where she is married to four brothers and one child. The fifth brother is educated and revolts against this tradition. Watch how he is manipulated into accepting this tradition.

  1. Mona Home Delivery (2020)

Watch the story of an escort Mona and how she is surviving until now. She tells all about her experiences in life. Watch the story of a call girl and how society forgets other aspects of her life and that she is also a human.

  1. Ishq Kills (2020)

It is the game of love where all the people around a girl are against her love. Watch how she try to save her love despite the constant danger from people around her. It is the tale of love, betrayal, and revolution against old traditions.

  1. Intercourse (2020)

A couple starts having sex in the morning but the wife doesn’t want to do it. Then the husband cracks a small joke which changes their relationship completely in one instant. Watch how one joke can break apart a happy marriage.

  1. Singardaan (2019)

A man brings the singardaan of his lover to the house when she dies in the fire. The lover was a prostitute. This singardaan infects his wife and daughter and they start having sexual desires. Watch this strange tale of love and absurdity.

  1. Dance Bar (2020)

Dhanraj Shikhawat is in love with a girl from a dance bar and wants to be with her. That girl put forward three conditions before him to get him her love. Will Dhanraj fulfill her strange wishes which will surely change the course of his life.

  1. Julie (2019)

Julie is happily living her life but then one day she realizes that a psycho killer is after her life. She decides to make herself strong and save herself from the impending doom which will surely end her life as it is.

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