Top 10 Web Series on VIU

Top 10 Web Series on VIU

Viu is an OTT platform which offers a wide variety of its original movies and web-series in all over the world. Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, and other language’s content can easily found on VIU and the quality of web-series here is so good that you will surely love it. So here is our top 10 list for top 10 web series on VIU –

  1. Devoted (2019)

A mother’s life is de-arranged when her son and husband are gone missing. She investigates and finds that they have been recruited by the government in the paramilitary unit to use them for the impending war from the enemy.

  1. Switch (2017)

Two best friends are just opposite to each other. One night they are watching a movie in a theatre and suddenly a riot starts. They couldn’t seem to get out of the theatre and then something happens which switches their souls.

  1. Jibril (2018)

A famous and prominent Artificial Intelligence scientist dies under mysterious circumstances. Jibril, who is a lawyer is pulled into the matter, and upon investigating he finds out a major conspiracy in the working.

  1. The Bridge (2018)

Malaysian police find a body that is made up of 2 different people just under the bridge connecting Malaysia and Singapore. The whole department tries to find the reason and the culprit behind this gruesome act.

  1. Knock Out Girl (2018)

A man is on the verge of bankruptcy in his boxing club. His shy daughter sets her mind to help him by recruiting good boxers. She must break her shell to do this and find the meaning and courage to do this on her own.

  1. Ana Sherry Dot Com (2019)

Sherry is an ambitious girl with big dreams. She decides to be an entrepreneur and make big in the business. Her crazy local friends decide to help her in achieving her dream. Watch the story of her friends and her dreams.

  1. Doon (2019)

A story of two brothers where one of them is pulled into the drama of an unintentional crime and he is a banker. While the other one has a large debt on his head of his elder brother. To pay that he goes into the world of crime and gangsters.

  1. Salon (2018)

Anna’s life is torn apart when her entire family is murdered. She decides that she will look into the matter and will take her revenge against the culprit. On this road, she meets many wicked people and she must face them all.

  1. The Publicist (2017)

An actor is in trouble due to a scandal associated with him. His publicist is a woman who is trying everything to manage the case. Watch how their hearts meet while trying to do this and how the insecurities of a relationship are eliminated.

  1. 4Freaks 4Fam (2019)

A young man discovers that he has 3 half-siblings from 3 different continents and they all are going to live under one roof. He must welcome his new siblings and try to manage the family business. Watch how 4 strangers bond and become a family.

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