Top 10 Web Series on Vodafone Play

Top 10 Web Series on Vodafone Play

All internet network providers opted for digital media platform apps when digital media content started to gain popularity in India. Vodafone was also not far behind and it started its platform- Vodafone Play. Which features many movies and web series which are worth watching. So here presenting the top 10 picks from Vodafone Play platform.

  1. Thoko Mamla (2020)

Thoko Mamla is a comedy series where the present scenario is presented in a comedic manner. When two lawyers fight to win the case between humans and coronavirus, all heads turn towards them. Who will win the case in this battle?

  1. Damaged 2 (2020)

Damaged 2 is a psychological thriller that stars Hina Khan and Adhyanan Suman as the star cast. When a young girl is found to be missing in a homestay, then the leading investigation reveals many dark secrets to the police.

  1. Byomkesh (2019)

Presenting India’s Sherlock Holmes, Byomkesh, the series is a detective story where this renowned detective must find the lead in the mysterious death of a young girl in the neighborhood which will reveal many people’s dark secrets.

  1. Tales of Mystery & Thrill (2019)

Each episode features a thriller and mystery story where all things are misleading. There are three stories, one of a serial killer, one of mechanic and other of a gambler. Each story will keep you sitting on the edge of the seat.

  1. Dastan-e-love (2020)

Five directors direct 5 stories related to love which will fulfill all your desire for love stories. Each love story features a beautiful aspect of love which is just totally mesmerizing and true to the heart.

  1. Paap (2019)

Paap is a mystery series revolving around the occasion of Durga puja where two deaths happen back to back when a new guest comes to live the family. What happens then reveals many things from the past which must be faced in present.

  1. Manbhanjan (2019)

Rabindranath Tagore is known for many unmatched stories in Bengal and the world. This is just another gem in their name where a girl must find her identity after she has been married in a Bengali household which leads to many questions from the world around her.

  1. Padded Ki Pushup (2019)

Imagine, you are a lingerie salesman and married but your wife doesn’t know about your work. You must always be one step ahead from letting her know the nature of your work which will jeopardize your relationship with her. Well, that’s the story of web series – Padded Ki Pushup.

  1. Shri Kamdev Prasanna (2019)

A man who can’t talk to a girl is having a desire to get married. His mother is constantly trying to make this happen but the god of love – Kamdev is not happy with him, as it seems. What he must do overcome this problem in his life.

  1. Holy Crap (2019)

When a girl decides to marry the person with whom her father wants her to marry – then all things turn upside down as that girl loves some other person. The story sounds tragic but the theme is comic and that makes it an amazing watch.

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