Top 5 Dialogues of Panther

Top 5 Dialogues of Panther

Tollywood boss Jeet is coming up with his next movie this independence day. The name of the movie is Panther and as expected, it has a very high patriotic note. The trailer of the film has been released already and created quite some buzz among the cine-lovers. The film is produced by Jeetz Filmworks Pvt. Ltd. and is directed by Anshuman Pratyush & Team. Along with Jeet, the film stars many other notable actors like Shraddha Das, Saswata Chattopadhyay, and many more. Hopes are always high from a Jeet film and we hope that this film will again rock the box-office. Meanwhile, let’s check out the best dialogues of the film.

  1. I know he is not a superhero but he is not less than a superhero.
  2. He is mad for this country. Ye Hindustan uski jaan hai.
  3. Ei mission ta to deshe jonnoi. Desh amader Jodi permission dey bhalo aar Jodi na dey aaro bhalo sir.
  4. Terrorism hocehhe modern world politics er cancer. Ei cancer ke treat korar jonno ja ja dorkar aami tai tai korbo.
  5. Dil Dhadke to. Jai Hind. Saanse Chale to. Jai Hind. Lahu Bahe to. Jai Hind.

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