The Picturesque Kufri in the Himalayan Foothills: A lovely Escape From daily Life !!!


Located at the Himalayan foothills, Kufri is a small picturesque hill station in Shimla. This small visually attractive hill station is known for its stunning scenic beauty. The place in itself is very close to Shimla and is filled with tourists most of the time. Sitting at 2,510 m above sea level, Kufri is loved by the adventure enthusiasts who are generally seen here enjoying skiing and tobogganing on the slopy mountains. You will also find some wonderful natural parks here too.

The panoramic views of dense forests, mountains, and deep valleys are really a treat for your eyes. Along with trekkers, people also come here for their honeymoon as the weather here is very pleasant. Every year, in February, the national annual winter sports festival is organized here by the travel and tourism department of Himachal Pradesh. Many adventure seekers and skiing enthusiasts like to take part in the festival. A nature park containing more than 180 species of fauna is also located here which makes it one of the most loved places among the wildlife lovers.

Activities to Do:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Horse Riding
  • Tobogganing
  • Trekking

The place has many hotels so staying here won’t be a problem. As per the food, the main market here is known for many amazing restaurants where you could find Chinese, Indian, Continental and Italian dishes. Due to high snow, you can avoid Kufri in the winter. The best place to visit here is between March to November. We hope that the information helped you. Do let us know your thoughts using our comments section. You can also follow our other blogs related to travel.

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