What is the Definition of Love for Today’s Generation???

Does Love Still Exists

Slowly but steadily, with the support of our audience, WittyColumn is moving forward. So, we decided to do something more and created a YouTube channel for our audience. Now when we are searching for our first topic to create a video. The first thing that came to our mind is LOVE. As the love of our audience helped us to reach this far and we are sure that they will make our channel a success too.  The video is all about the love of today’s generation and how we are losing sight of real love. But will this situation remain the same? For that just watch the video. You can watch it on our WittyColumn YouTube channel. It will premier on the 27th of April 6:00 PM. We are sure that you will love this video as it is created by none other than Paintings In The Dark fame Satyajit Das. You can also check the video below. If you like the video, please Subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to like and share it.

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