Why Are The Mammals Shrinking Day By Day !!!


Now if you think of earth over 100,000 years, there are monstrous animals roaming all around the planet. But all those creatures for some unknown reason disappeared very quickly. The scientists still don’t have a clue on why that happened so rapidly. Different reasons are thought of those disappearances like mega blasts from the asteroids, some new unknown disease, change in the climate, or the extreme hunting by the humans. According to scientists, there may be different reasons but humans are the major reasons.

When humans came into existence, they tried every food source and meat become one of their favorite foods. When they were able to create the tools, they started hunting and usually they hunted the big ones as they believed, the big the better. According to them, a mammoth can feed their full village, so they went for the big ones first. Another reason to hunt big animals is fear. The humans feared the big and they know that the big animals can even destroy their crops.

Humans are hunting them but what about the reproduction? That is the question running on the minds of many. But to clear that, the reproduction rate of the big animals is a lot low than the smaller animals. The hunting weapons of humans are developing and hence the number of big animals keep on decreasing. You will not believe that the average weight of the mammals in North America now is 17 pounds only which was once a whopping 216 pounds. With the extensive poaching it very soon you will see that there is no existence of Elephants, Blue Whales, or ever Polar Bears.

There are a few animals too who eat big animals to live but that number is very few. But with this loss, we also have to face a lot of consequences and I assure you that our environment will give it back to us as we are taking his beloved animals. As per different scientists, we must be aware of the situation that we are getting in to. The killing of animals for clothes, food, will not help us in the long run and will only destroy our ecosystem. It’s only up to us to stop these so that we live in a good and green environment and present a great environment for our children too.

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